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5 Basic Tech Tips: From Managed Service Providers to You

As a small to medium sized business, maybe your office manager is your part time IT guy, or perhaps Carol from Marketing knows a few tech tricks up her sleeve. As a small business, maybe you don’t have the funds ...

Amazon Alexa for Business: The Overview

Why is everyone on the internet talking about Alexa for business? Well…here’s the gist: Amazon Alexa is a big player in the voice activated personal assistant marketplace with other leaders like Google Assistant Homepod, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana. These ...

3 Technologies for Small Businesses in 2018

Bring on the new year, where you can re-invent your company and strive for new heights of growth. With all the new technology that 2017 brought, the following year is going to produce some great advancements within those areas. All ...

Top 10 Tech Gifts for 2017

By the time the Thanksgiving leftovers have thinned out and the food coma has worn off, the overachievers will have their Christmas trees up, Menorah’s out, lights hung and presents wrapped. For the rest of you who take things a ...

4 Top Causes Of Downtime

Phishing Scams and How You Can Keep from Getting Hooked

A phishing scam can be performed via email, phone or website and is executed differently, depending on the delivery method. These are cybercriminals attempting to retrieve access to your personal information, data, passwords or your entire device. According to ScamWatch, ...

10 Top Ransomware Attacks of 2017

Ransomware has been dominating the headlines more than ever before, and for good reason. It has caused every size company across the globe to stop in their tracks. From mom and pop shops to fortune 500’s. Research tells us that ...

Is Your Company Ready to Move to the Cloud?

5 Signs That It’s Time To Cloud or not to Cloud. If you are a decision maker, this is the question that has come up one to ninety-nine times. You’ve heard, repeatedly, that this is the direction things are heading. ...

Business Opportunities with Local Governments Open Up for the Private Sectors

Part of the ongoing Smart City Initiative Report: Part 2 The US Government and local municipalities have opened up the opportunity playing field for more privately held businesses. With the Smart City changes underway in urban areas across the country, ...

Adobe Flash Exploit: Leading Security Companies Urge Businesses to Update

According to Kaspersky Lab, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity company’s, there have been live attacks through an exploit in Adobe Flash starting October 10th 2017. Kaspersky Lab and other leading cybersecurity companies are strongly suggesting that businesses using Adobe ...


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