You’re not our guinea pig.

Our products are tested and tested again. While we are always on the hunt for better technologies and more efficient, cost-effective solutions, our engineers research, test and fully approve every product that we bring to you. As a result, you’ll only get the best of the best hardware, software and cloud storage options, through our partnerships with top brand manufacturers and suppliers. From product to customer experience, we only use for you what we would want ourselves.

Our IT Products & Solutions include:

Office 365 Migration

The good news is your company is growing. The bad news is you’re at risk of running out of space on your mail server. Join the movement and migrate your business to Office 365. Ostari will work with you from the discovery stages until the last mailbox is safely in the cloud, deploying third party solutions for added protection.

Server Utilization

Efficiency is the name of the game. Whether you’re experiencing latency issues with your server or just looking to generate more storage efficiency, utilize VMware to distribute the workload among multiple virtual machines. Our engineers will expertly create, operate and maintain your virtual machines, using VSAN (Virtual Storage Area Network) technology. Key features such as low operational cost, customized solutions, and high availability make Virtual SAN a great option for VDI environments and companies with critical application use.


“Too late” is not an option for noticing server issues. Can you confidently predict when exactly your server is going to run out of space? Are you notified the very second a hard drive fails in your production server? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is no.

With Ostari monitoring, you’ll be the first to know if your network skips a beat. Determine the thresholds for alerts, even specifying whether you want an email, text or a phone call. When you get the alert about a firewall vulnerability putting your business at risk, we’re pretty sure you’ll feel Monitoring services are priceless. Monitoring services allow you to operate on the offensive, not the defensive.

Network Security

Your company’s network is your lifeline to your business - with that comes the great responsibility of keeping it as secure as possible. At Ostari, our relationships with vendors like Cisco, Barracuda, Palo Alto and other reputable security companies allow us to bring you the strongest security approaches to advanced threats. Today’s viruses are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so your protection needs to be, too. Our solution is a strategy of layered hardware and software, customized to improve your chances of keeping the network secure.

Tested Product Solutions