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Calling all MISAC Conference 2017 attendees: a surprise is in store for you

Whether you are a member of MISAC, Government IT Professional or vendor, registration is still open for the 2017 conference in Monterey, Ca. on October 1st-4th.  Exhibit space has long been sold out, but they are still looking for IT ...

Massive Pacemaker Recall Over Hacking Threat

The FDA recently issued a recall order on nearly half a million pacemakers that have serious security flaws. They could allow hackers to take control of them, run their batteries dry or ...

Newly Discovered Vulnerabilities In Bluetooth Could Affect Your Devices

If you haven’t heard of the “BlueBorne” attack vector yet, you probably will in the months ahead It’s perhaps one of the most invasive, pervasive attack vectors in the history of the ...

HIPAA Compliance, Enforcement Top Priority For New Agency Head

Roger Severino is a man on a mission. If you’re not familiar with the name, and your company has to comply with HIPAA regulations, then you’ll probably be hearing a lot about ...

2017 Hot Topics

2017 is almost over! Check out the infographic to see the IT Hop Topics for this year that people are still talking about.

Google Has Found A Way To Increase Internet Speed

Google has taken up the task of making the internet faster, not by installing thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, but rather, with math. The big brains in Google’s engineering department ...

Help save lives: Animals in need after Hurricane Harvey and Irma

Hurricane Harvey and Irma have made a detrimental impact on both humans and animals. Since Hurricane Katrina, animal rescue has become more structured and are now included in all evacuation plans. Social Media has played a big part in creating ...

Hackers May Have Gained Instagram Users’ Info Through Mobile Bug

A group of hackers recently bragged about having obtained the personal details of some six million Instagram users, including a number of A-list celebrities that include the likes of Adele, David Beckham ...

New Android App Allows Anyone To Create Ransomware

There’s a new Android app to be aware of. This one allows anyone, even without any technical skills, to create ransomware, in a matter of minutes. It’s a menu-driven system that automates ...

Local governments are becoming smart like their citizens

MISAC (Municipal Information Systems Association of California) is a leading organization that brings together IT experts working in different departments within local governments across the state. As mentioned on the MISAC website, their goal is to “promote leadership, education, and ...


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