Over the past decade, corporations have been substantially increasing their efforts to move away from the rigid corporate work environment to a more welcoming and creativity induced ambiance. Cafeterias with omelet chefs, beer and ice cream were established. Giant bouncy balls for desk chairs and lounge areas to collaborate became a thing. Even afternoon yoga classes. As a small to medium sized business, providing this type of work environment probably isn’t feasible, but providing a positive and supportive atmosphere in the workplace is doable no matter what sized company you are.

The effects of employee happiness and well-being has gained a lot of awareness over the past 10 years, with studies on this subject still being released. Business owners and managers are being presented with alternatives and best practices in how to lighten up the work atmosphere in order to get better results from their staff.

Loosen up

Creating flexibility for your employees can look like many things, such as the allowance of telecommuting a couple days a week. Many bosses are coming to understand the benefits of allowing more self-governance, which in turn is creating a happier and more productive employee as they no longer feel micro-managed and untrusted.

Hire up

Onboarding new members who contribute a positive attitude can do a lot for the work ambiance. Bringing in someone with uplifting and positive energy sets the tone for how you would like the environment to be. Unfortunately, sometimes the best thing you can do to maintain a positive work environment is to let go of the bad apple.

Open Communication

Gen X has gotten a bad reputation for being coddled, but past and present studies have found that majority of people perform better after receiving positive feedback and acknowledgment. Recognizing your employees after achievements can decipher future performance.

Bringing in employees from different professional levels to collaborate on projects encourages creativity, comradery, team building, feeling of value and motivation. Adding this enthusiasm into projects and the environment creates a win-win relationship by supplying you with additional ideas and work arounds, while developing a more effective team and office space.