Companies that invest in employee training experience an increase in productivity through fully utilized resources, retain top employees and reduce security breaches.  Whether that training reflects the improved utilization of existing company resources (software, hardware & applications) or just cyber security awareness training, it all makes an impact on your business procedures and execution.

  1. Invest in the capital that you already have
    Investing in the training of your current human capital allows employees to use existing resources on a wider and more efficient spectrum, leaving you with a fully utilized work environment. Enhancing and expanding the knowledge and skillset of your existing staff increases their productivity. When your staff is educated on a granular level on the specialty applications pertaining to your business, they are able to work faster and smarter while getting the best use out of your existing hardware and software. With a deeper understanding of your essential software and hardware, you can potentially cut costs by getting rid of additional resources that no longer serve you.
  2. Retain good employees
    It costs a lot to bring on a new hire, so when you onboard good ones, the goal is to keep them. Studies have shown that employees who feel valued and invested in by the company they work for end up staying longer and acquiring a deeper loyalty. They may turn down better offers and choose to stay with you for a lower salary because they feel they have purpose and engagement within the company. According to Forbes, employee training “helps build loyalty due to interest in the employee, loyal employees are more engaged. Engaged employees are more productive. Good talented people naturally want to advance, and appreciate meaningful support in the process.”
  3. Increase cyber security
    You hire people from every walk of life. And depending on what you hired them for, they may not have the right education they should about internet security. According to the National Cyber Security Institute, “A large portion of data and security breaches among organizations can be attributed to internal users and employees.” Proper training for security awareness can enhance risk mitigation throughout the different levels of staff. Because things are always changing in the technology world, there are new threats to constantly be aware of. Even the more educated employees can benefit from awareness training. According to the founder of Parameter Security, Dave Chronister said, "Awareness training is one of the most important things you can do to protect your network. You need to have a program and it needs to be effective."

Even long term employees can become complacent with system processes and procedures creating oversights or lack of efficiency. Refreshing or igniting knowledge about your company software, office protocols/procedures, security strategies or other forms of customized training will not only empower your team and protect your company’s data, but it allows you to fully utilize your resources and save on expenses.

Ostari Inc. routinely supports and develops training material for areas like depot level procedures, system administration guides and security administration guidelines within local/federal government sectors and small to large businesses. Scheduling is flexible and personalized. Training can be done online or onsite. We work with your needs and generate programs that you and your company can self-execute to continue and maintain a fully utilized and safe work environment.