Hurricane Harvey and Irma have made a detrimental impact on both humans and animals. Since Hurricane Katrina, animal rescue has become more structured and are now included in all evacuation plans. Social Media has played a big part in creating awareness of the neglect or heart lifting rescue moments. Because of this, more wild and domestic animals are being kept alive through these natural disasters.

The actual level of rescue personnel and resources can never be 100% predicted but when groups are able to join forces, the level of effectiveness can increase substantially.  According to the Washington Post, the collaboration between large and small animal advocacy organizations has proven to be a great dynamic. Large groups, such as ASPCA and the Humane Society, are taking action on an umbrella scale, while the smaller groups are supporting the granularities. For example, the Humane Rescue Alliance is creating more space by moving the animals already occupying shelters to other locations in order to make room for the dis-placed animals from the storm. Smaller organizations, such as City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties, are sending out volunteer staff and recruiting for funds and supplies. Many animals have been moved across the country, in order to give them proper medical care and shelter.

If you have been looking to adopt or thinking of fostering, now is a great time. Hundreds of dis-placed animals are in need and space in the shelters is limited. There are many animal rescue groups that are helping with adoptions and fostering. If gaining a pet isn’t a possibility for you, many Wildlife Foundations are also in need of support, such as the Texas Wildlife Rehab Coalition. The ASPCA announced that for domestic animals, the “supplies most needed are cat litter, litter boxes, towels, blankets, large wire crates, toys, treats, pet beds, newspaper and gas gift cards.” Volunteers are always welcomed.

Check out the video to see some rescuing in action!